Perdue’s Sealcoat has been dedicated to service and quality workmanship since 1999.

To give you a better understanding of pavement maintenance we would like to provide you with some information to fully equip you to make the best decision regarding your pavement needs.


It is our company’s primary priority to give each job, no matter how large or small, the most careful attention and skilled workmanship. Perdue’s Sealcoat will maintain the principles of quality, integrity, honesty, and value for the products and services we provide. Our desire is to meet every paving need; our goal is customer satisfaction … 100%.



Pavement maintenance contractors are not the only people who understand the importance of an aesthetically pleasing parking lot. Property managers, business people and visiting customers, homeowners, and the general public know it as well…

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Asphalt cracking is caused primarily by the effects of the sun and moisture. The sun oxidizes asphalt causing shrinkage and creating separations which causes cracking.Moisture is then able to reach the pavement’s subbase and weaken it…

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Pavement Management Planning

Pavement Management Planning consists of a planned, systematic approach in optimizing pavement maintenance and rehabilitation activities to provide the desired level of pavement condition and life span with available funding…

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